Saturday, March 8, 2014

Employers Demanding Facebook Passwords?

Does an employer have the right to see your postings on various social media outlets on the internet?  States are moving to pass laws preventing an employer from asking for your password for Facebook and other social media sites.

In 2012 six states passed laws to prohibit this employer practice. In 2013 seven more states followed. Other states are considering legislation.

This is basically a privacy issue. And while an employer may have a right to perform a background check on  an employee or prospective employee when relevant to that employee's job performance, an employer may not have the right to invade an employee's private life where the matter is not directly relevant to the workplace.

In all, as i=of the date of this writing, 26 states have either passed, introduced or have pending legislation on the matter.

Here is a list:


  1. I knew of a coworker who was fired based on her Facebook posting but it was in direct violation so in that case I side with our employer. My password is my business, but I have a responsibility not to compromise my employer's business too.

    1. And states are rallying to balance both the employers' rights and the employees' rights here--it is an interesting time


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